6th Cohort starts from 22nd March 2024

Guided Projects

Master Data Science through a practical project based learning.

4 Domains | 12 Projects | 12 Weeks | 7+ Core-Skills | ∞ Opportunities

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About Mega Guided Projects

Guided Projects Program is curated for aspirants in all the fields of Data Science. We have distinctively mentored 3000+ learners across 12+ nations. The compound of research-based projects and emerging technologies is unique to this program. Mega Guided Projects is the emphasized structure comprising of 4-domains of Data Science: ML, DL, NLP, and CV. This is the optimal curriculum for any transitioner, job-seeker as well as learning beginners.

Completely online

Structured to be flexible

Experience Letter on completion

Lifetime access to resources

Program Structure

✔ Explore Regression, Classification and Clustering challenges

✔ Explore Supervised, Unsupervised learning methods

✔ Tackle imbalanced large datasets handling techniques

✔ Explore selective preprocessing techniques

✔ Acquire hands-on tuning and model explainability methods

✔ Sessions based on skill development

✔ Sessions on end-to-end pipeline building

✔ Understand the basics of neural network

✔ Build Neural Networks from Scratch

✔ Learn and apply various concepts related to neural network

✔ Learn about loss functions, optimizers, learning rate schedulers

✔ Learn about hyper-parameter tuning in neural networks

✔ Deploy on AWS

✔ Sessions on end-to-end nlp pipeline from beginner

✔ Challenges on domains like text classification, autocompletion & text-translations

✔ Build a powerful LinkedIn and GitHub profile

✔ Deploy the model using streamlit/flask/heroku

✔ Learn extensive NLP preprocessing techniquesand feature engineering

✔ Learn the basics of CNN

✔ Hands on transfer learning

✔ Build Image Classifier

✔ Learn about object detection and segmentation

✔ Deploy using ONNX

✔ Learn end to end deployment

✔ Learn about dockerization

✔ Learn about ONNX

✔ Deploy your model in MLOps pipeline

✔ Integrate with AWS platform

Skills Acquired

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How are MEGA Guided Projects unique?

It presents a great opportunity to learn and practice on a variety of datasets that includes large and highly imbalanced datasets which are based on research and development. The weekly sessions and the shared resources helped a lot in gaining new skills like explainable AI and understanding concepts like MLOps. We have a team of mentors who provide intensive support with clearing doubts and providing the right guidance through 1-1 live sessions or text medium. Guided Projects is not just about learning and performing, it is also a great opportunity to connect with other professionals and peers in the data science domain.

Get hands-on experience on in-demand tools

pytorch pytorch docker streamlit aws onnx rapids heroku tensorflow github flask mlflow sklearn shap shap shap


This mentor-led program is supported by experienced instructors, who possess research as well as industry experience. Know more about our professional mentors in the following section.

Saurabh Shahane

Founder, CEO, The Machine Learning Company

  • 4 years of experience in Data Science
  • Adjunct AI Professor, Symbiosis Institute of Technology
  • Experienced in building and delivering both industry and research projects.
  • Along with the technical side of ML solutions, experienced in the business aspect of it.
  • Impacted more than 1500 people by providing appropriate learning opportunities in Data Science
  • Kaggle Grandmaster (World Rank 11 in Datasets)
  • Started this program with the vision of channeling Project Based learning.
  • Dr. Prakash Muthudoss

    Senior Manager, ONCOGEN | Statistical Machine Learning

  • More than 15 years of industrial experience
  • Through the continuing professional development on advanced statistics, machine learning, deep learning and artificial intelligence, his current research involves applying big data analytics and modelling to extract patterns and trends to provide real world evidences.
  • Senior Manager, ONCOGEN, Advisory Committee Member at IMU, Statistical Machine Learning
  • Proficient in Machine Learning and Deep Learning Techniques that are applied in the field of spectroscopy
  • Visalakshi Iyer

    NLP Research Engineer, The Machine Learning Company

  • 2 years of experience in Data Science
  • Mentored 500+ students in the field of Machine Learning
  • Guiding learners for effective feature engineering and data characterizing techniques
  • Providing guidance and training in Explainable AI and NLP
  • Organized by:

    The Machine Learning Company

    We are a modern consulting firm that builds sustainable AI/ML applications enabling clients to add an automation layer nd their businesses. Along with this, we are substantially working towards research and academic opportunities in Data Science by providing projects under R&D and guidance.

    Enrollment Details

    Batch starts: 22nd March

    Number of sessions: 22+ sessions

    Prerequisites: Intermediate Python and basic ML skills

    Perks: Completion Certificate, Experience Letter,
    Networking opportunities, Strong portfolio

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    Our Batch Commendations

    Sukant Bhattacharjee

    IT Networking, Tech Mahindra

    It is in fact a wonderful experience learning from TMLC. Although , I had been a working professional and my domain of expertise is on IT Networking, learning ML and DL skillsets were much more important to cope with the new technology paradigm in my field. All the mentors have been a thorough professional with a lot of working experience under his belt. The team has designed the course content to give us a feel of the live projects at its edge, which is really commendable. Every mentor from the team has been guiding each and every one of us to keep up with the pace. Though, I am not much into programming, they ensured that I clear my foundations first and then come up to the mark. It is a panel of utmost patient people who helped me all through out from the beginning and made sure nothing is left out. It has really give me a moral boost and a clean path to move ahead in my career. 

    Natasha Nalyaka

    Data Consultant, Datalytics Kenya

    This has been an insightful learning curve for me. I learnt a lot more concepts and I got to understand the already learnt ones more deeply especially on modeling. I’m more confident in engaging in more projects. This was actually my first attempt of doing a project post the capstone project. 

    Sandeep Raj B

    Linux Software Engineer at Doodlelabs

    I have enrolled to 12 mega guided projects to understand and do some hands on related to data science domain which covers AI, NLP, DL, computer vision, statistics etc. This is a wonderful program. I got a chance to work, learn and deploy my ML models into the freely available cloud resources. Really I got good exposure and experience in dealing with any data sets. The entire team of TMLC are rock solid with knowledge and expertise required to deal and guide on real time issues. Every mentor's session is really helpful with lots of insights. I am glad to attend and find this program.

    Kabilan N

    B.Tech. Graduate in Artificial Intelligence

    This program introduced me to many new parts of deep learning like Explainable AI, MLOps and deployment which I didn’t have any Idea about before. I’m sure this helps me a lot in boosting my confidence on Deep learning models as well as improving my team working skills. TMLC’s DL guided project is the perfect place to have a head start on deep learning and its applications in various fields.

    Saptarshi Roy

    Software Engineer-Larsen and Toubro Infotech

    If one is looking to build a portfolio of great projects in the field of machine learning at a very affordable cost with the guidance of great mentors, I would surely recommend going forward with this particular program. Instead of teaching the same machine learning algorithms like every other traditional data science courses out in the market, it encourages more of an implementation based approach on real-world datasets. If one can incorporate some of these project experiences in their resume it can definetely help them to attract the recruiters.

    Shiffaya Abdulwahab

    AGM in IT Department at Air India Ltd.

    I enrolled in MGP to gain a practical experience into various data science projects. MGP offered the same with a one-to-one guidance including end-to-end project deployment. The mentors are experienced, simple and easily approachable. Each project in MGP has been uniquely designed which helped me in enhancing my learning. Highly disciplined weekend sessions are of immense support to gain a knowledge on different modules. Explainable AI, Deployment on cloud, GPU accelerated machine learning, MLops are new fields I got an exposure to. Overall my experience with MGP has been consistently good.

    Sandeep Kirwai

    Technical Lead, Birlasoft

    I have registered myself for the Guided Projects of Deep Learning because I want to work on real-time DL projects and to work in a team with a deadline, here The Machine Learning Company has provided exactly what I needed. I wanted to try something more and from this, I have gained skills like end-to-end ML Pipeline, Steamlit integration for any project, deployment, AI explainable, MLOps, and were part of many discussions. I do recommend being part of it and keep learning.

    Vetrivel PS

    Lead ML/NLP Engineer Accenture

    MGP program from TMLC was an amazing experience in itself. I came here to learn Explainable AI and brush up my Deep learning skills, I thoroughly enjoyed the course. The team of mentors are great at tutoring. This was a totally worthy course which I will recommend for anyone willing to enter the Data Science Field by building projects on real world business use cases. If you are consistent you'll get the BEST out of this course! Thanks a lot to team TMLC for such an amazing program.

    Devika Sanjay

    Full Stack Dev, BestDoc

    This program was really helpful for me. I am a starter and both the mentors really helped in learning and understanding the concepts. I am sure this will really help me throughout my career. I am so thankful to TMLC for guiding us and making us comfortable in learning and also spending your valuable time for us.

    Priyesh Dave

    Data Scientist at Tata Consultancy Services

    For anyone who is looking for some hands-on experience in AI/ML The Machine Learning Company is the great place! I joined this Mega Guided Projects program and got hands-on experience on Data Science projects ranging from classic Machine Learning to Deep Learning with applications of NLP and CV. I got to know many new concepts like Explainable AI, Streamlit and MLOps. I would highly recommend this to anyone who is willing to excel and grow in the field of AI.

    Manasvi Logani

    Student, Community Engagement Lead

    I had a wonderful experience with The Machine Learning Company’s deep learning guided projects program. The mentor Mr. Saurabh Shahane is extremely professional and has a vast knowledge of the field and thus is able to provide with the right guidance wherever necessary. I would recommend it to anyone who is interested to know more about the field.

    Frequently Asked Questions


    All sessions will be online and sessions will happen on weekends. Recordings for all of the sessions will be provided.


    Beginner level Python and Machine Learning knowledge is required


    This program is 12 weeks long.


    We will provide required coding examples, notebooks, hands on practice sessions, web blog links to make you understand the concepts in better ways. Students are advised to be strict to the timelines and complete their materials to take full advantage of the program.


    Sessions will happen on every Friday and Saturday 6:00 PM IST to 8:00 PM IST. Sessions will be recorded.


    No. Please join the program accordingly.

    Contact us to resolve all your queries

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